Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuba 1959 – 1962

Background and Context to the Cuban Missile Crisis:

Download the pdf below about Cuba between 1959 and 1962:

Cuba 1959 – 1962, Modern World History by Kelly and Lacey

Activities – Choose two of the following;

  1. Flow chart

a. With a partner create a flow chart showing the key events in Cuba between 1959 and 1962. The first event should be the Cuban Revolution and the final event should be at the end of the Cuban missile crisis. You cannot have more than 10. Try to choose the most significant things.

b. Share your flow chart with another pair. Did you choose any different events? Do you need to change anything on your flow chart after you have discussed it with another group?

2. Kennedy’s options

a. After Kennedy had been told about the missiles on Cuba and had discovered the Soviet ships approaching Cuba with more missiles, what options were open to him? Make a list.

b. Which of these options did he choose?

3. Kennedy speech

Imagine you were Kennedy. Write a speech to be broadcast on live TV in the USA defending your choice of action. You can only speak for one minute.

4. General’s letter

Imagine you were General Curtis Le May (Airforce Chief of staff). Write a 250 word letter to the President explaining why you disagree with his choice of action.

5. Analysis of the CMC

Why did Kennedy emerge with a stronger reputation after the Cuban Missile Crisis? Why was Khrushchev criticised in the Soviet Union?

Video Resource – CNN Cold War series – Cuba



O – Origin   P – Purpose   V – Value  L – Limitations

OPVL Power Point 2016

Help with OPVL – General help for evaluation different types of source.

As a class study the source below. Using the Origin and Purpose evaluate the value and limitation:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.10.45 PM

OPVL Group activity. 

You should work in a group of 3 or 4 people. You will need a large sheet of paper and markers.

Download the sources below. Select 4 sources for OPVL – you should choose a variety of different sources.

Cuban Missile Crisis OPVL

Create a table like this on your large piece of paper:
Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.23.21 PM
Complete it as a group using this guide to help you:
Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 12.24.50 PM

OPVL Individual Activity

Find two more sources about the Cuban Missile Crisis on your own. You should have two different types of sources. You can find them in the websites above, the books in class or on the pdf you have already worked on.

Now do OPVL for these two sources ON YOUR OWN.

  • Peer feedback the individual OPVLs