How can harmful disparities be reduced?

Some disparities between countries can be beneficial for some people, whilst others can cause  great hardship. What strategies might help to improve the quality of life for people living in countries that suffer the most from harmful disparities?

The video below with Hans Rosling looks at how something as simple as a washing machine can have a huge effect on peoples lives.

Strategies for reducing harmful disparities

Notes on aid & debt relief

Notes on trade, remittances & EPZs

Develop trade

Mindset Learn video from Youtube

Trade & development – wikipedia

Fair Trade info sheet.


Remittances-Migration Policy Institute



Aid from Waugh, D. (2002). Geography- an Integrated Approach. Cheltenham- Nelson

Trade & Aid Reading

Does Aid work – Oxfam video

Is Aid killing Africa? – BBC News video

Debt Relief

IMF fact sheet

OECD evaluation of debt relief

Export processing zones

The Balance website

OECD Observer website


Sky News video – role of microfinance

Microfinance stories – NY Times

Formative Assessment:

Create a 5 slide PPT to answer the question How might harmful disparities be reduced by exploring one possible solution. You can find out how the solution can reduce disparities but you can also find out if the solution is effective or not. Here is an example:

When you have created the PPT present to one other person in your class who will give you feedback using this rubric. Then swap over. After you have shared your PPT with your partner and listened to their PPT change to a different partner and repeat the exercise.

Reflect on what you noticed about the strategy for sharing your learning: how did it help your understanding of disparities?


Summative Assessment TASK:                                               Grade 10 Humanities – Disparities Assessment-1zka2jx