The Business Plan

It is vital that you prepare carefully before starting to operate your business. This should reduce the chance of something going wrong. The business plan is a document that provides key details of the business. Lenders will often ask to see a business plan before lending money to a new business venture. Below is a template that could be used to create a business plan.

Chapter 4 – Developing business plans

Task  – Prepare a pitch (presentation) for the NIS Dragons who will decide what interest rate your business will be charged for lending the start-up capital.

Task sheet and rubric: 2015-16 Business plan task

Remember to dress in either formal  ‘business style’ or clothing, or something relevant to your business when presenting your pitch . This is a powerful way to communicate to the financiers that you are committed to success.

Below is an example of a Keynote produced by a previous G10 business. It should help you create your own persuasive presentation.

G10 Keynote Example