Perspective in History: 

How do images shape our perspectives of an event? 

WHY are modern perspectives shaped by the past?

  • What do you see in this photograph? Your perspectives?
  • When do you think this happened? Why/Evidence? 
  • Why did the photographer take this photograph?
  • What is the message in this photograph? 
  • Do you think this photograph is a reliable representation of an the event Why?

NOW – listen to the podcast entitled: ” Foot-soldier of Birmingham” by a historian named Malcom Gladwell.


  • This is a modern artistic rendition (creation) of the incident in the photograph  – What would you say if you saw this without the context?  
  • Is it true to the event described by Gladwell and the photograph? 
  • Why has the artist represented the incident in this way?  
  • What does this whole story tell you about PERSPECTIVE