Xianlin sustainable transport investigation

More and more people are living in urban places. As they grow, towns and cities experience problems, some of which are difficult to manage. How can we ensure that future generations of urban dwellers will be able to enjoy a similar or better quality of life than current residents? In this unit we will apply the concept of urban sustainability by conducting a research investigation in Xianlin.

Lesson 1: What do we already know about Urbanisation?

  • Major cities. What cities do you know? Try this quiz from Jetpunk.com
  • Definition of urbanisation: Urbanisation is the tendency for people to live in towns and cities instead of in rural places. Over half the world’s population now live in urban places.
  • What experiences have we got about urbanisation? In your table groups discuss what you know about this topic. Consider places you have visited and things that you have seen or heard about urbanisation. Record the key points of your discussion and feedback to the class.
  • What is systems thinking? Play the triangle game to begin to understand systems thinking. How can this be connected to urbanisation?

Watch the video to see how and when cities¬†became such important parts of peoples’ lives:

Lesson 2: How can we use systems thinking to understand the impacts of Urbanisation? 

  • What is sustainability? Urban sustainability relates to how people living in cities can maintain or improve the quality of their lives, and those of future residents. Some aspects of urban sustainability include; air quality, waste management, the provision of affordable housing, noise levels & transport systems.
  • Brainstorm a list of consequences of urbanisation both positive and negative.
  • In the class create a list of the most significant.
  • Create a web to show the interconnectedness of the consequences.

G10 Sustainable cities.key

Curitiba locationLesson 3: How can cities become more sustainable?

An good example of a city trying to maintain a high quality of life for both its current and future residents is Curitiba in southern Brazil.


Watch the video to find out more.

Investigation Assignment

Criteria B, C, D

You will conduct a study of the transport systems in Xianlin to discover the extent to which Xianlin is a Sustainable part of Nanjing.

G10 Xianlin Transport Task – Aug 2018

G10 Sustainable Xianlin Rubric

G10 Xianlin Data Record Sheets

Xianlin base map

Sites selected for Xianlin Sustainable Transport Investigation

Exemplar Report for Xianlin Sus Trans Inv

Completed raw data for 2017 sustainable transport Investigation

Completed raw data for 2018 sustainable transport Investigation

Further information about sampling methods

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Sampling Techniques