Climate Change

Climate change is something that is affecting our planet. What do you know about it?

What is Global Warming?


Climate change research questions

New Wider World – global warming D. Waugh (2009) The New Wider World. UK: Nelson Thornes

Summative Assessment 2 – Climate change debate

Task Sheet and Rubric 2017:

ATL Skill: Communication. Prepare the speech for your character using the scaffold and example here:  Writing the Climate Change Speech
ATL Skill: Research. Useful resources for your characters to use:

Supporters of the provocation

Chinese Solar Technology Business Owner

BBC: The benefits of floating solar power in China 2017


Dakota Access Pipeline protester

Hurricane Survivor from Caribbean region

Tesla Giga Factory Expert

Paris Climate Change negotiator

Paris Climate Agreement

Characters against the provocation

Car Sales Person for Conventional cars


US politician against the Paris Climate Change Agreement

Coal Miner

Coal and Energy Sources

Sceptical Scientist

BBC Bitesize
The Guardian (UK newspaper)
University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit – National Climate Change Program

Recent articles on China and climate change (2014):

China’s Climate Change Paradox

UN Climate Summit: China pledges emission action

The most recent report to the UN, September 2013, shows the earth has not warmed up since 1998. Some scientists now think there may be a period of Global Cooling, others that the earth is still experiencing climate change.  Find out more about this debate from these links:

BBC News 5 minute podcast “Humans are to blame for climate change”