Climate Change

Climate change is something that is affecting our planet. What do you know about it?

What is Global Warming?


Climate change research questions

New Wider World – global warming D. Waugh (2009) The New Wider World. UK: Nelson Thornes

Formal Assessment 2 – Climate change debate

 For the upcoming debate on climate change in China you need to download an save these files:

1. Debate Task Sheet

2. Debate Rubric

3. Debate Character Plan

4. Speech outline

Useful links

US Environmental Protection Agency
The Guardian (UK newspaper)
University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit – National Climate Change Program

Recent articles on China and climate change (2014):

China’s Climate Change Paradox

UN Climate Summit: China pledges emission action

The most recent report to the UN, September 2013, shows the earth has not warmed up since 1998. Some scientists now think there may be a period of Global Cooling, others that the earth is still experiencing climate change.  Find out more about this debate from these links:

BBC News 5 minute podcast “Humans are to blame for climate change”