Field Trip and Nanjing Massacre Assessment

Introduction to the Nanjing Massacre

ATL Skill: Research

when did it happen?
who was involved?
where did it take place?
What happened?
Why did it happen?

Statement of inquiry: Power can be used by one civilization to change the culture and identity of another.

The actions of a few can cause a change in social identity

Watch the movie

ATL Skill: Communication


 Field Trip to the Nanjing Massacre Museum March 1st 2018

ATL SKill: Critical Thinking 
Criterion D Assessment 
Colour – Symbol – Image
Here is an example of the thinking routine colour – symbol – image:
You will use this format to help you to think about the Nanjing Massacre.
What you have to do:
  • Choose two stories from survivors of the Massacre and read them carefully.
  • Afterwards think about the colour that best describes their story.
  • Then create a symbol and choose an image. You need to write the reasons for your choices. 

This is what the stories of the survivors might look like:

MORE Examples:
ATL Skill: Communication and Knowledge

Final Summative Assessment: Nanjing Massacre Presentation 2018

You must present an answer to the research question above  for your summative assessment. You can choose to do this in one of the these ways: