Inside China

Grade Level Theme: China

Key Concept: Time, Place, Space

Global Context: Orientation in Time and Space

STATEMENT OF INQUIRY  – Chinese culture and development has been shaped by its geographical location and historical context.

Lesson 1: What do we already know about China?

Introduction: Kahoot

Discussion of the statement of inquiry

Lesson 2: How has the Geography of China impacted the History of China?

Look at China in an atlas. Have a table discussion to answer this question: Why is China considered isolated? What could be the consequences of a country being ‘isolated’?

ATL Skills communication: data presentation

Activity: Download this map and this worksheet

Use the map to discuss the ways in which China is / was isolated and how this has impacted the History of China.

Lesson 3: What are the most significant events in Chinese History in the 20th century?

What makes an event ‘significant’ in History?

What do you know about the History of China in the 20th Century? Brainstorm some of the key events before you begin your research – what do you think you know?

Activity, Make a timeline ATL Skills Communication: data presentation

Make a History Timeline of the 20th century with 15 events on. Research and decide which are the most significant. Pair share and defend your choice of events as being the most significant.

Focus on end of empire and Japanese occupation

Lesson 4: What beliefs do people in China have?

Focus on belief in China today

ATL Skills: Research

Research belief and religion in China today. Look up some statistics.

Here is an interesting map showing the world based on the number of people that are non-religious rather than the size of the country. Find out more about this map and others like it here:  

ATL skills: Critical Thinking

Think about the three aspects of China that you have been exploring over the last three lessons (Geography, History, Belief). What links can you make between these things? What have you discovered about China and what are you excited to find out more about?