China in 1911

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ATL Skill Research: Interpret and infer information, process data & present research

Describe China in 1911 before the fall of the Emperor Pu Yi

Begin by watching the opening scenes of the movie: China in Revolution.

In a group of 4 you will create a project nest to show what you have found out about China in 1911. You will organise your research around these headings.

  • Political System: Emperor and the Royal Family
  • Foreign influence in China: Which countries ruled which parts of China
  • Chinese society: Religion, customs and traditions
  • Chinese Economy: trade and industry

For each heading you must find out:   What, who, when, where and why.

Step 1:Each member of the group should research one heading. Decide who is going to do what.

Step 2: Using the ‘W’ questions above, write the questions that you will need to answer for the heading you are researching.

Step 3: Conduct some research using this template.

Step 4: Organise the research on your project board (you can add maps or pictures if you wish).

Step 5: Share your learning with your group using the strategy below.

You will have one lesson for research and one for presentation.


Foreign influence in China activities

Download this information sheet to use with the task sheet below: China in 1900

A student poster of the Boxer Rebellion 2012