What is an Urban Environment?

ATL Skill: Knowing and Understanding. Lesson 1. As a class watch the movie “Megacities”.

As you watch the movie note down the Benefits and Challenges of living in a megacity.

Brainstorm: What did you discover about disparities in urban environments from this movie?

Brainstorm: What are the big ideas in the movie?

Discuss your ideas with others in your class.


The Urbanisation of Nanjing

ATL Skill: Research and Communication: As a class research and record information about the growth of Nanjing in the 20th century.

  • How has Nanjing grown in size between 1900 and 2000? Create maps and visuals to record and communicated the growth in size of the city
  • How has Nanjing grown in population between 1900 and 2000? Create graphs and charts to communicated the growth in the population of the city
  • What factors have caused the urbanisation of Nanjing? Create a mind map to communicate this information.
  • What are the consequences of the urbanisation of Nanjing? Decide on the best format to communicate this information.

Finally, using the research and findings you have gathered together about Nanjing, answer the question below in the form of a piece of extended writing:

  • How has the importance of Nanjing as a city changed in China in the 20th century? What is its importance to the economy of China today?