Settlement in China

Lesson 1: Urbanisation in China

You have already made two maps of China this year. One showed the different climates of China (weather unit) and one showed the physical features of China (Chinese History unit).  Take out both of these maps.

  • Give as many reasons as you can for the locations of the main cities in China under the headings ‘physical factors’ and ‘human factors’
  • Find out the population size of China’s 5 biggest cities today and compare to the size of these cities 20 years ago (have a discussion about the reliability of the statistics you find)
  • Brainstorm reasons why these cities have all grown so much in the last 20 years

Homework task:

For Homework you should read this  BBC News story. When you have read it answer the questions on this  Task sheet . You should write short, simple answers.

Lesson 2:  Thinking Routine – Peel the Fruit  ATL skill Thinking

You have read a story about migrants in China for homework. On your own use the thinking routine Peel the Fruit to capture the heart of the story.

  • Download this template: Peel the fruit
  • Begin with the skin – write down the facts / details / information you remember from the BBC news article
  • Next Get under the skin – write your questions (at least 2 each)
  • Now think about the substance – add notes for each of the three aspects of the substance
  • Finish with the core – what is the story really about? What is at the heart of this story? Use all the notes you have made to help you to reach the conclusion
  • Scan your Peel (ed) Fruit and keep a copy

Here is the template: Peel the Fruit Template and an example is below:

Sebastian Peel the Fruit Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.44.42 AM

Lesson 3 – 5: Research controls on Chinese migration and impact of urbanisation in China ATL skill Research

Urbanisation in China Task Sheet and Rubric 2015

Links to help you with your research for Task 1:

The Danwei system The Hukou The Cultural Revolution

Links to help you with your research for the assessment:

CNN – China’s great migration from ‘Hukou Hell’

Morning Whistle – China’s Wen calls for Hukou reform

Reuters – China eyes residence permits to replace divisive hukou system

Wikipedia – The Danwei system

Slideshare – The Danwei system

Wikipedia – Urbanisation and the impact of the Cultural Revolution

Research tools:

G8 Notecard blanks and an example