Migration IDU

Rural – urban migration


Rural-urban migration is a very important process that is happening in thousands of cities around the world. It is happening most in LEDC’s and the consequences have enormous affects on the people and governments of those countries.Watch the video about a family that migrated from rural Brazil to the city of Belo Horizonte. You will need to complete this video worksheet as you watch.Article from the NY Times about shanty towns in ChinaTask sheet 1 – Looks at the growth in urbanisation around the world.
Task sheet 2 – See below for an example of a diagram showing how push and pull factors cause people to move from the countryside to cities.
Thinking Routine – Peel the Fruit
Task sheet 3You will need to look at this BBC News story.  After you have read the story on your own use the thinking routine Peel the Fruit to capture the heart of the story.

  • Download this template: Peel the fruit
  • Begin with the skin – write down the facts / details / information you remember from the BBC news article
  • Next Get under the skin – write your questions (at least 2 each)
  • Now think about the substance – add notes for each of the three aspects of the substance
  • Finish with the core – what is the story really about? What is at the heart of this story? Use all the notes you have made to help you to reach the conclusion
  • Scan your Peel (ed) Fruit and keep a copy

Task sheet 4 – Looks at shanty towns: places where migrants often live following their decision to move to cities in LEDC’s.

Shanty town Investigation: In this task you will produce a magazine article aimed at young adults which addresses the question; What are the solutions to the shanty town issue? An example of a magazine of this type is Timeforkids.com.

If you need more, here is a template for the Research cards for the shanty investigation.

These links offer some solutions from the Internet that could get you started.  Choose ONE of the stories below and carry out a Peel the Fruit thinking routine ON YOUR OWN. Share the captured heart with your group. How can the insight help you to complete the task?

BBC News – Cable cars in Brazil
BBC News – Slum clearance in Brazil
General site about shanty towns with information on the problems and solutions being tried in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Guardian – article about general problems of slum areas in cities