The Warlord Era

5. The Warlord Era

Sun Yat Sen didn’t stay President for very long. He was soon overthrown by the powerful Warlord Yuan Shikai (see photo). He was one of a number of Warlords that ruled China.


Your Task

You will work in groups of 4 to complete the activities on the task sheet below. You should complete all of the tasks in 2 lessons only. You must organise your team so that everybody is contributing together.

The Warlord Era Task Sheet

Below is some information to help you understand what was happening in China at the time:
Warlord China, 1912-2

The New Revolutionaries

Chapter 5 – Conquest & extermination


If you have finished before the two lessons are completed then continue with these activities:

Additional activities to be completed on your own.

Additional activities (EAP)