Three significant leaders

The actions of a few can CAUSE a CHANGE in social IDENTITY


Sun Yat-sen Ruled China 1912 and 1923 – 1925

Jiang Jeshi Ruled China 1925 – 1949

Mao Zedong Ruled China 1949 – 1976

Sun, Jiang and Mao were all significant leaders in China in the twentieth century. They all created change in China.

Lessons 1,2, and 3

ATL Skills: Research Skills

Spend one lesson finding out about each of these three individuals using the separate pages in the menu above.

Lesson 4: Camp Fires

ATL Skills: Thinking and Social

In small camp fire groups of 4 or 5 discuss each of the three men and why each of them were significant.

Make a decision about which of the men you want to find out more about.

Write a draft research question using these prompts:

  • Start with either Why, To what extent or How
  • Include one of these concepts: significance, cause, change
  • Include the name of your significant individual
  • Make sure the question is connected to the statement of inquiry above

Share the research question with your campfire group for feedback.

Lesson 5

You now need to start work to answer your research question in the form of an essay.

Here is the task sheet and the rubric: China Essay Assignment 2018

Here are some resources to help:

  1. Sun Yat-sen

China after 1900 – social identity from the book Essential Modern World History, UK

  1. Chiang Kai Shek

Changes made by Chiang Kai Shek from the book Essential Modern World History, UK

Chiang Kai Shek and the Long March

The New Life Movement – Jstor

3. Mao Zedong

Changes made by Mao-1dwazjy from the book Essential Modern World History, UK

Chinese Civil War CCP and Guomindang from the book Essential Modern World History, UK

The Course of the Chinese Civil War – Jiangxi Soviet and Long March

Michael Lynch The Jiangxi Soviet

Michael Lynch The Long March

Rise to Power of Mao – Authoritarian and Single Party State Leaders

The Long March – Causes, Practices and Effects of War