Weather and Climate of China


Do all parts of China experience similar weather and have similar climates, or are there marked differences?

Can we explain the weather & climate of the country?

The map opposite shows that there is some variation in climates experienced in different parts of the country.

The tasks below will help to show more clearly how different these climate types are, and why China experiences such climatic differences.

Task 1 – Use this base map to construct an A3 coloured iso-hyet map to show how total annual rainfall varies throughout China. Compare your isohyet map to the climate graphs you made. How does the information the differ when it is presented in a different format?

Task 3 – Complete this worksheet about the relationship between temperature & relief in China.

Task 5 – Complete these activities to show your understanding of the factors that influence climates around China. You will need this China outline map.

Patterns and trends: what patterns and trends have you observed in the weather of China?