What do people believe?

1. What is religion? Write a definition in your workbooks. We shall then share with the class to create a class definition.
Have a discussion about the differences between ‘belief’ and ‘religion’.
Discuss each of these questions and write down your perspectives?

Why might people need religion?

What are the major religions in the world? Where do they practice these religions?

Who are the religious leaders of the world?

What do you think of this explanation of religion and God?


2. Belief Systems QUIZ – how much do you already know?

Answers: RELIGION Quiz

3. POWERPOINT on the Major Religions: 5 Major World Religions

8B TASK:  Create a poster (A3) for each of the religions assigned to you – try to include the information below but you can also add more and use visuals to make it interesting – remember we will use these posters to prepare for the guest speakers.

Dates, founder, symbols. practices (traditions) – map, sects, important ‘ideas’ or rules, stories of creation. place of prayer, holy books – USE THE QUIZ and POWERPOINT.   PERSPECTIVES – from people who practice the religion. 


5.  Find the definitions of the following words and create  visuals to show your understanding of these words: monotheism, polytheism, atheism, symbolism, sacred, prophet, temple, ritual, sacrifice, creation, deity, commandments, immortal, tenet, preach, mythology, pantheon, worship, revere, omnipotent, afterlife, karma, sin, mosque, synagogue, covenant, pilgrimage.

Preparing for GUEST SPEAKERS:heart

Next draw a  KWL chart in your notebooks. Fill out the first two columns. What do you already know about a religion? What more would you like to know about that religion? USE this column to generate good question for the guest speakers. Here is an example of a KWL chartKWL chart KWL Chart


Thinking routine: Connect – extend – challenge
Choose ONE of the readings below. Read it all the way through. As you do, keep a record of your connections and extensions.
Reading 1: Religion in China (English phases 3 and 4)
Reading 2: Confucianism
Reading 3: Daoism
Challenges – what other questions have you got about what people in China believe? Write them and then try to answer them as a class.



Research Task:

1. Get into 5 groups
2. Each group will research one of the the five world religions – Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism
3. Spend two classes researching the following aspects of the religion: History, Core beliefs, ceremonies and festivals, Key figures / Gods, signs and symbols
4. Present your findings to the class as a keynote without text. You should be able to speak and explain to the class. You have 5 minutes per group.
5. Complete your presentation with a one minute inclusive quiz to check the understanding of the group.