Who was Mao Zedong 1921 – 1937?

Mao Zedong was the leader of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) from 1935 to 1976.

ATL  Skill: Critical Thinking Activity

  1. Claim – write down what you think the word Communism means
  2. Support – find out what Communism really means and compare to your first idea.
  3. Challenge – why do think that Communism became popular in China after the first world war? Discuss with your partner.

Mao became the leader of the Communist party during the Long March. Use the PDF below to find out about the Long March.

Mao and the Long March

  • Look at the map showing the route of the Long March. Write down 5 facts about the Long March.
  • Why do you think the Long March is important to Communists in China even today?
  • In what ways did the Long March help to make Mao a significant leader in China?

The Yanan Soviet

What was the Yanan Soviet and where in China was it?

Why was it important in helping Mao to  become the future leader of China?