Who was Sun Yat-sen?

This Keynote will introduce Sun Yat-sen to you:

Sun Yat-sen Keynote

The Keynote contains a lot of information and facts. To help you to understand it carry out this thinking routine in your table groups:

1. In silence read the first four slides of the keynote (1-5 but number 1 doesn’t count because there is no information on it).

2. Complete the chart above by finding one word that you thought was interesting, one phrase and one sentence from the keynote.

3. In your table groups take turns to share first the words, then the phrases, then the sentences.

4. Did you have any words, phrases or sentences that were the same? What were they?

5. What were the key things that your group found interesting about SunYat-sen? Write the key things down – you are not allowed to write more than 3!

6. Now read the next four slides in silence (numbers 6-9) and repeat the thinking routine. Then do the same for the final four slides (numbers 10 – 12).

7. To finish- in your table groups decide together on a final ‘word, phrase, sentence’ to summarise the most significant things about Sun yat-sen.

Scan of Chapter 2: China since 1900 by Josh Brooman

Task – Sun Yat-sen’s Three principles

First: Write down Sun Yat Sen’s Three Principles in your notebook and read the section from the textbook about them (pdf above).




Discuss with a partner what you think that each of them could mean.  Think about the time in which Sun Yat Sen was living, what had happened in China, what you think he wanted to achieve and what kind of a person he was. Write some notes in your notebook.

Second: Illustrate each pdf the Three Principles with a simple diagram or sketch.  You should draw the pictures in your notebook to explain the meaning of the three principles. The pictures should show the idea behind the three principles.