Fonts and Typefaces

“Fonts make up typefaces the same way that chapters make up a book.” – Mia Cinelli

Choosing fonts to represent your brand is an important task as a graphic designer. Your font choices will tell part of your story. Are you crisp, clean, edgy, sophisticated, modern, or cool?

Often you will need a couple of fonts. You can create CONTRAST in your work by the fonts that you choose. The font choice you make for headings will not be the same as the font choice for blocks of text. Have a look at this TEDx Talk about fonts:

This graphic design video also shares some of the same information about fonts, typefaces, kerning, leading, and contrast:

When you are considering fonts that go together, you might want to take advice from this blog post:

How To Pair Fonts & Take Your Project To The Next Level


On iPad, try creating your own font or series of fonts using the app iFontMaker. What sorts of fonts can you create? How might you use this technology in a similar way to Mia from the TEDx video?

If you want to download fonts to your computer, go to Font Squirrell or Dafont for a range of free fonts that you can download. You can also check out Pinterest for the names of fonts and search for them to download.