Causes and Consequences of Change

Change is something that happens to everyone of us. What are the causes and effects of change?

Task 1: We have just finished studying Population. When a population grows there are lots of effects. The effects are both short term and long term.

Q. What has changed?  A. The Population has increased.

Q. What are the short and long term effects of this? With a partner, create a chain of effects starting with Population Growth. Here is an example. Yours does not have to be a circle but it could be if you want:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 3.26.23 PM


Task 2: Population growth forces countries and societies to change. Can you think of any other things that force a country or a society to change?

Task 3: Watch the video ‘How the Potato Changed the World’

And some articles to read about potatoes…


Task 4– Discuss the causes and consequences of changes shown in the video. What was the main driver of change and what accelerated the changes?

Task 5: Make a chain of effects for the potato.

Task 6 – In pairs read through the document about war and change below and answer the questions in the activities sheet.

War and Change

In what ways other than medicine can wars cause change?


Task 7 –  Read this article from the BBC about how British ideas about Americans changed during the Second World War. Answer these questions:

How did most British people tend to view Americans before the war?
What led them to have this view?
How did Britain’s view of Americans change during the Second World War?
What were the causes of this change?

Task 8 – Find some examples of technological developments that came about as a result of the First World War. For all of these:  What is it about war that caused these changes?  Would these changes have taken place without a war?