Population growth control

 How can governments control population growth?

1. What can be done (consider both when birth rates are increasing and declining)?

2. When should governments intervene to change the birth rate?

3. What are the effects of the Chinese One Child Policy?

One Child Policy Research Questions

  •  Make a list of the effects of the policy. Use the resources below to help. Divide your list into short term and long term effects.
  • Make a judgement abut the One child Policy: do you agree with this method to control population growth? Give reasons for your judgement.


The list of links below provide some useful resources for completing this task:

This article from a Brtitish newspaper “The Guardian” is about the violation of womens’ human rights:http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/may/06/chinas-barbaric-one-child-policy

The Social Impact of China’s One Child Policy

4. China One Child Policy Assessment

One Child Policy Letter Assessment 2015

Ling, L. (Host). (2004).  China’s lost girls. [Video]. (Available from National Geographic, PO Box 6916, Hanover, PA 17331)

Please watch and take notes from these two videos.

China reforms: One-child policy to be relaxed