Population distribution

How is the world’s population distributed?

Why are some parts of the world more densely populated than others?

Have a look at this interactive map of Population Density:


Another interesting way of viewing population density is this satellite image showing the artificial light on Earth at night:

An interesting new way to think about density:

You might like to visit Britannia Image Quest and search for a specific image for your region of the world (try searching ‘satellite earth countries at night’).

What human and Physical factors can explain the distribution of the world’s population?

Use the pdf from New Wider World below to help.

Population distribution from New Wider World

Here is the information for your population distribution assignment. This will be completed in class.

Assessment 1. Population distribution 2015

Peer Assessment Checklist 2015

Helpful Resources:

Here is the National Geographic interactive map link where you can see physical and environmental features, political features, resources, land elevation, and population density for any country.


This link is very helpful in locating population density maps:


Here are figures for population density to compare entire countries. A country population density averages density across the entire country but can help to compare those averages around the world.


Here are some ideas for map symbols: