Why study human population?

 Lesson 1: Why study human population?

Watch the video below. Afterwards, write down as many questions as you can that you think need to be answered in relation to world population.

 Lesson 1 Homework

Population terminology: You need to know, understand and be able to use the following words in your assessments for this unit:
Each student will be given one word from the list of terminology. On a piece of A4 paper you should:
a) Write the word
b) Define the word
c) Illustrate the word
d) Write a sentence with the word in
Finally you will be expected to explain your word to the rest of the class.  Here is an example:

Lesson 2: How can we understand world population growth?

  • Pair share the key vocabulary you researched at home
  • Here is a class activity to illustrate the growth of population over time:
Why is population growth worth understanding?
Here, Hans Rosling of GapMinder talks us through some of the implications of population growth….

Lesson 3: Can our planet sustain population growth?

  • The Earth as an Apple: Apple provocation
  • Each group will be given some questions. Match these to the follow up statements in your groups

Here are the group activities:

  • Here are some useful resources to get you on your way:

Apple life expectancy and malnutrition

Apple forest and soil

Finally, why study population at all?

This video explains clearly the importance of demographics:

Malthus miffed

[mediacore height=”315px” public_url=”http://nis-school.mediacore.tv/media/joel-cohen-an-introduction-to-demography-malthus-m” thumb_url=”http://cdnassets.mediacore.tv/static/16135ff6/images/defaults/video/video-m.png” title=”Joel Cohen An Introduction to Demography (Malthus Miffed Are People the Problem?)” width=”560px”]