What is Globalisation?


ATL Skills: Thinking Skills – Formulating Questions

Explore Globalisation by using the Thinking routine Think – Puzzle – Explore

  • In a group of 3 THINK: Brainstorm what you think the word Globalisation means
  • Decide on an overall definition and write it in the form of one or two sentences

Watch a movie about Globalisation. What questions does it make us think about?

PUZZLE: In your group write some questions that you would like to find the answers to. What Puzzles you about the term Globalisation? What lines of inquiry would you like to pursue? As a group, decide on the three most interesting questions. One should be FACTUAL, one should be connected to CHANGE and one should be DEBATABLE.

EXPLORE: Follow the lines of inquiry to find answers to your questions and present them to the class.

  • As a group create a visual representation of your definition of Globalisation