Conflict IDU

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 9.29.46 PMGrade Level Focus: Change

Key Concept: Time, place and space
Related Concept: Conflict
Global Context: Identities and Relationships
Statement of Inquiry: Conflict is essential and inevitable


1.Definition of Conflict: Conflict is a serious disagreement or a clash or argument usually prolonged. Conflict can be a clash of opposing wishes or needs.

2. Think about the different types of conflict that exist within ourselves. As a class discuss what these might be. The centre of the template represents yourself. The next circle represents conflicts within your family and friends. Each circle should contain conflicts between ever increasing sizes of groups until the final circle which represents world conflicts.

3. Begin by labelling the different circles. Then brainstorm examples of conflicts that could exist within these groups.

4. Find a specific example for each one. Write the examples on your diagram.

Lesson 2

1. As a class, or in your table groups, discuss these questions:
What is war? What wars have we heard of? What types of wars are there (civil, total, limited, cold)? What wars are happening today?
2. Read the Statement of Inquiry then answer these questions in your table group. What does it mean? Do you agree with it?
3. What evidence could you use to support your point or argument? Each person in the group should find at least one piece of evidence to support the points you have made for question 2. Remember that when you find something consider the reliability of the evidence – do you trust this source?
4. Report back to the class your findings and ideas from questions 2 and 3.

Peel the Fruit

As a class, read the story ‘ The Enemy: a book about Peace’ by Davide Cali

This is the pdf but it does not contain all of the illustrations: The Enemy

Carry out the thinking routine Peel the Fruit on a piece of A3 paper using the template and the instructions below. Peel the fruit instructions  Peel the fruit A3 template

For the skin: Identify the different parts of the story. What do you see happening in the story?
For the substance:
(i) Whose viewpoint is the story written from? Who might view the war differently? Explain some different views of the war.
(ii) Connections: How does the story connect to what you already know about CONFLICT.
(iii) Explain: Can you explain what you think is happening in the story?
For the core: What do you think is the message of the story? Give a reason for your answer.
For the inside skin: What questions did this story make you think about? 
This link is to a website with a huge amount of facts and information about the first world war.  Have a look through and learn why this was a war which changed the world: