Europe in 1914

What was Europe like in 1914?

What types of political systems dominated Europe in 1914?
Which empire was the ‘Sick man of Europe’?
How different was Europe in 1914 compared with today?

Map of Europe in 1914

Look at the map of Europe in 1914 above and download the outline map below:

Map of Europe in 1914

On your map:
1.  Label the countries.

2. Colour Britain, France and Russia in Red.  Colour Austria- Hungary and Germany  in Green.  Colour Italy in red and green stripes – Italy was a member of the triple alliance before the war started but then switched to fight with the entente in 1915 as shown in the map above.
Put a key to show the triple alliance and the triple entente.
3.  What are the similarities between Europe in 1914 and Europe today?
4.  What are the differences?

How Great were the Great Powers in 1914?



Which of the Great Powers was the Greatest?

Look at the animated map on this link ‘Towards the clash of nations’ for some understanding of the great powers at the beginning of the 20th century.
The Map as History 

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Complete the task sheet below to answer the question.  All the information you need is contained in the links underneath.
The Great Powers in 1914

Supporting information:

Coal Iron and steel production

Manufacturing and industrial growth

Statistics sheets (lots of different statistics – first page may need to be rotated)

Use the link below to help you find the size of the colonies for each great power:

The link below will help you find the size of the peacetime armies before World War One:




















 WW1 Vocab. Grade 9

Task Description:


Goal: With a partner, compose and perform a rap about one country that fought in WW1.

Role: You will be composer, performer and judge.

Audience: Your classmates and teacher. Finalists will take the big stage in front of Grade 9.

Situation: After learning about individual countries in 1914, you’ll get to show off your knowledge.

Product: A one minute rap. Give a copy of your lyrics to your teacher. You may perform in your home language (an English translation will need to be given to your teacher).

Success: Win your class heat, compete in the final and become the ultimate champ! We’ll also be assessing criteria C and D.


Battle commences on 6th March 2018 in the PAC.



You’ll be representing one of these countries:

From the Triple Entente:


  • Britain
  • France
  • Russia

From the Triple Alliance

  • Germany
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Italy

Here’s a checklist of what to include in your rap:


  • The country you’re representing
  • Your leader in 1914
  • The political system of your country
  • Your country’s assets – land, ports, location, industrial resources like steel and coal, anything else?
  • Your country’s military strength – size of army, navy, air force and how well equipped you are to fight
  • Which countries do you have alliances with? Talk up your friends!
  • Which countries do you dislike or fear? Dis your enemies!


We’ll be using the website   to write lyrics and set your backing beat.