How the war was fought.

How the First World War was fought

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The Western Front

Where was the Western Front and how was it created?
Use this extract from the textbook and the internet links to help
The Creation of the Western Front

Find out:
1. Where was the Western Front? Why is it called ‘Western’ and what is a front?
2. How long was the Western Front?
3. What was the Race to the Sea?
4. Why didn’t the Western Front move very much for the whole war, 1914 – 18?


BBC iWonder



What is a trench?

Take a virtual tour of the trenches using this animation from the BBC:
1. How did trench warfare work?
2. Why did trench warfare lead to so many deaths?
3. How did trench warfare combined with the machine gun lead to a stalemate?Here are some extracts from the textbook:
Trench warfare
Life in the Trenches – Assessment
Before you begin your assessment practise the skill of OPVL in your table groups.
The link below takes you to a website with primary sources from the battle of the Somme.  Choose three in your group and work out the OPVL for each (Origin, Purpose, Value and Limitation). You must chose at least one written source. Note that the sources are in their original form but that there is an easier to read transcript with each, and useful notes to help you understand them.


Assessment Task: OPVL Assessment 2016
Historians use evidence from the past to find out what happened.  Your task is to evaluate the evidence from the point of view of an Historian. 


Many horses were used in the First World War.  The extract below gives insight into how the horses were used and treated on the battlefields:
There were other changes in the way war was fought. New weapons and other changes occurred as described in these sources:

Major Battles of WWI: Verdun and The Somme

In groups, you will be assigned one of these two major battles fought in WWI. Your task will be to research and prepare a lesson to teach the class about your assigned battle.

Your lesson should address the following:

What were the main events of the battle?
When, where and between who was the battle?
Why is it considered a significant battle of WWI?
What effect did it have on the progress or development of the war?
What was the outcome of the battle? Who ‘won’? How many were killed or injuried? How much land was won? etc…

You might want to also include:
How this battle is remembered and commemmorated today.
Soldiers accounts of the battle, to show what it was like from a first hand perspective.
Any other ideas?

This should not simply be a 20-30 minute Keynote + oral presentation, you should think about how to present this as a lesson. You might want to provide readings to the class, you might makes some notes on the board and get the class to copy them into their books so they have the key information written down,  you might want to show them video clips, you might need a Keynote to show timelines, maps, images or graphs and statistics.

Some Resources:
Start your research HERE – recommended sites

GCSE Modern World History – The Battle of The Somme

Essential Modern World History – The Battles of Verdun and The Somme