Long Term Causes

 What were the long term causes of World War One?

Key Readings for Long Term Causes of the War:
GCSE Modern World History – Causes of WWI
Essentional Modern World History – Causes of the First World War
Reasons for the Outbreak of War
The Great Powers in the Early Twentieth Century; Nationalism
Experiences of Nationhood
Review notes Causes of WWI

Political terms summaries

 The Alliance System

  The alliances are very important and a good place to start our studies. Why were the countries nervous? Why did they not trust each other?
After you have read the Key Note choose one event or sentence that you think is important.  The reason why it is important is up to you. Now share what you have chosen in your group using the Last Word Strategy. Answer the following questions: How could the alliances have made more war likely? Could a system of alliances make war less likely? For both questions explain your answers.


The building of navies, the creation of secret plans of attack, huge armies: all backed by the leaders of the countries. What does this mean?Here are two information sheets about militarism before the First World War: Militarism

Militarism information

Complete this worksheet using the information above: Militarism worksheet
HMS Dreadnought


t t t t     Imperialism

Play the Imperialism game. African game Asia game



Opening Questions: What is meant by Nationalism? Nationalism


Where is the Balkans?  Why were the Balkans known as the Powder Keg of Europe?This is some information that you will need to have a better understanding of the Powder Keg of Europe.Read the first chapter of the reading below and answer the questions in your notebooks: The Balkans
Use the second chapter of the reading above to complete the worksheet below: Balkan Wars
Here is some extra information about the Balkans to help you: Essential Modern World History