Chinese Music

“There is no such thing as art that is detached from or independent of politics.”  – Mao Zedong

“The inner nature of man is the province of music.” – Confucius


ethno – (culture / race)
musiscology – (study of music)

Ethnomusicologist: An ethnomusicologist is a music scholar who studies music from other countries. Some ethnomusicologists think that music should be “pure” and never changing. Others think that music should be allowed to change and evolve.

Chinese Music Outline

Criterion A Ancient Music and Modes

Creative Cycle Compositions

Ensemble Drumming Rubric & Evaluation

Gr6CMusic CriteriaBCD Evaluation

CritBS1 Rhythm Rubric

Music Scores – Public Domain Folksongs

* These are data files only. They change and adapt with each unit. For example, if a group decides to do a certain piece but has the wrong instrumentation, we will use Finale to change the instrument lines on certain staves.

After School

Black Bamboo Tune

Black Bamboo Tune 1213

Descendants of the Dragon GR6C

Descendants of the Dragon 01

Descendants of the Dragon 6A

Little Bird

Little Bird 1213

Yellow Poplar Shouldering Pole

Zou Jiangzhou

Children of the Dragon 1213

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