ISTA Middle School Festival 2017

Dear Students, Teachers, and ISTA Artists,

A warm welcome to Nanjing International School. We are thrilled to have your creativity, passion, and expertise here at NIS for this exciting International Schools Theatre Association event. NIS prides itself on our robust, inclusive Arts program and works hard to support it through our world-class teachers, great facilities, and opportunities to connect to the culture of our fantastic host nation.

This year’s theme, “What lies beyond” resonates on many levels. One of the essential features of Drama is its ability to help us explore the depth of emotion and elements of the human experience that lie beyond our day-to-day lives. This theme also connects to the concept of boundaries, frontiers, and borders which we, as global citizens, grapple with on a very real and regular basis.

At NIS, we are constantly exploring “what lies beyond” in terms of educational paradigms and approaches.  Exploring the unknown, looking deep within ourselves, and finding the courage to push boundaries is an essential ingredient of what it means to be part of our learning community. We hope this spirit is contagious throughout your time here… and beyond.

Enjoy your exploration!

Mr. Kasson Bratton
Head of Middle School

Welcome to Nanjing International School!

It is a great pleasure to have you all here to celebrate the 2017 ISTA Middle School festival ‘What lies beyond?’. This will be an event where you can collaborate, create and have fun. We hope you will learn new skills, find new connections and make great friendships. You will be working with fellow students from Nanjing International School, Beijing City International School and the American International School of Dhaka creating original performance work which will be shared with the NIS school community. Be positive, creative, energetic and enjoy every moment!

Annie Philip and Sam Brown
NIS Drama department

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