Process Project (PPP)

The personal project is a significant student-directed inquiry produced over an extended period, completed during year 5 of the MYP. It holds an important place in the MYP and reflects the student’s experience o the programme. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal and creative work of their choice and to demonstrate the skills they have developed through approaches to learning. It offers students many opportunities for differentiation of learning and expression according to their individual needs. The personal nature of the project is important; the project should be based around a topic that motivates and interests the student. The process of completing the personal project contributes to the development of students in different ways. It is a student-centred, age-appropriate project that helps students construct their own conceptual understandings. It is a commitment to developing independent, lifelong learners as reflected in the IB learner profile.  The personal project includes a process journal, an outcome or product and a report. (International Baccalaureate, 2009, p. 2)

Sample Topics:

Any interested grade 10 student in NIS may complete a music-focused PPP. Since 2008, the following topics have been explored:

Composition – single piano (2009), single flute (2010), guitar duo (2010)

Music Therapy (2011) & Psychology (2013)

Non-Traditional Arranging – (2010)

One Man Band (2010)

Rock Concert Organisation (2012)

DJing and Modern Electronic Music (2013)

Traditional Arranging – single baritone BC (2008)

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International Baccalaureate. (2009). MYP Arts. International Baccalaureate Organisation: Cardiff, UK.

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