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Anyone can post pictures of their best performances… but the viewers only get to see the finished product.  What do Arts performances look like at NIS throughout the year? What does a typical PYP practice look like? What does a typical music class look like? What does a typical lunch-hour look like? Watch the videos below to find out.


Gnomes & Gardens Practice

This was the very first time grade 2, grade 3, and the grade 5 pitband had gotten together to polish their songs. It was a very exciting and fun practice!


Grade 7 Music Class

This is what a typical grade 7 music class looks like.  These boys are working on their Popular Music unit. For Criterion B, they have put together this piece and are starting to polish it. (We love how much fun they are having!)


Ensemble In G Minor

The students at NIS love putting together their own ensembles, so the music suite is always filled with the sweet… and sometimes chaotic… sound of practicing! This group of students popped in to practice unexpectedly one day and so we grabbed the video camera. I love spontaneous, joyous, student-initiated performances!

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