Interdisciplinary Unit: This topic is studied in a variety of grade 9 subject areas, including Music, Drama, Language A, Language B, Chemistry, and Design Technology. At the end of the unit, the students highlight some of their learning in an MYP/DP assembly.

Area of Interaction: Human Ingenuity

Guiding Question: How does war generate musical responses?

Musical Context #1: The role that music plays in society, and a cultural and historical awareness of this

Description: In Music classes, students begin by studying types of music generated in wars, including cadences and tattoos.  They then focus on songs composed that simply document and discuss wars, without very obvious bias or prejudice. Finally, the students look at the “grey” areas of war.  How is it possible that good-hearted, earnest people can compose songs anti-war / protest songs while other equally good-hearted, earnest people can compose songs that support their troops?  How is war so polarising that even in song people cannot agree on what to believe?

Resources Used:

Band Scores: Coloney Bogey March, March Jubilante

Creative Cycle Scores: Holiday, Bloody Sunday, The Pretender, Hero of War

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