Please find below ideas and links for Advisories – from ice-breakers to in-depth projects all designed to do two things: build community and forge teacher-student relationships.


Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.12.560-6 minute talks and get students thinking.. Combine advisories and compete. Movie Charades is a quick and easy one. The app “Heads-Up” on your phone or iPad is a fun activity
Tell the class your life story. They are a captive audience!  Anagrams – use students’ names  Hangman – pick an esoteric theme!  What can write in 10 minutes?
Take a walk around campus. Enjoy the sunshine!
PDA Advisory Activities VF Try some Wuzzles!
Middle-School-Advisory-Activities Two truths and a lie
lesson snapshots for facilitating advisory Zip, Zap, Bop
Advice About Middle School Advisories An impromptu karaoke battle. The backing track to most songs are on youtube, with lyrics. Just scan for the clean version! You have to go first!
great_advisory_ideas Would you rather?
High_School_Advisory_Lessons Mystery Guest