Naviance for Teachers

Helpful Hints: Teacher’s Desk on Naviance


Account: nis
User name: Usually, the first part of your NIS email (Usually your first namelast name) for example: gretchengalaty
Password: One you created for yourself after your first log in with a temporary login sent by email. If you cannot remember or what you thought it was does not work, let me know and I will reset a temporary for you.

DON”T click on ‘students’ on the top left – that would be far too intuitive and obvious….

Click on ‘Mange and complete your recommendations’ in blue under your welcome message…


Home Page: Teacher’ Desk
Click on: Manage and complete your college recommendations
Class of 2019 should automatically appear with the list of students who have been entered in the system as requesting a letter of rec from you

To upload a letter of recommendation
•Click on “prepare forms” for the student of your choice. Page with student name at top should appear.
•Click on Prepare button on the eDocs Tab.
•Click on the “+Add” tab in the section “Teacher Documents”
•A new box will appear called “Add A Teacher Document”
•Click on “Upload a File” to upload a letter of recommendation saved on letter head paper in PDF format.
•Under Application: All Applications will automatically appear. (Note: you can load one letter for all applications or a separate letter for specific universities.)
•Under Type, click on Letter of Recommendation.
Click on Browse to locate the previously saved file from your computer/files.
•Double click on the file you want to attach
•Click on Upload File (the file MUST be under 500kb – you can reduce it using PDFshrink or similar, or send to to me and I will reduce it and return it to you)

To complete the Teacher Recommendation Form
•Click on “Prepare a Form”
•Under Type, select “Common App Teacher Evaluation”
•Click on “Prepare Form” button
Click on “Common App Teacher Eval” to fill in the details on the Teacher Recommendation form. Note: you can do one form for all applications or you can do separate forms for particular universities, if you choose.

•Ratings: WE DO NOT complete applicants’ academic ratings.

Update your personal profile on the first form you complete and it will be stored for all other forms. Please note the format for the phone number must follow a specific format. Please enter: +86 2585899111 (note the space after +86)

After adding all information, click on the Save button.

Letters of Recommendation
‣Please place your letter on NIS letter head paper.
I recommend you double click the letterhead paper icon, then “Save As” and rename and save it to your own documents folder or desktop. I suggest you place your electronic signature on that page before saving. After writing each letter, you should “Save As” a new document identifying the student for which the letter is written. Please note that the white space on the page should be deleted so that your letter and the footer fits onto one page. Then save as a pdf before loading into Naviance.

Note: after saving as a pdf, you cannot revise this letter. Be sure to save as a regular pages/word doc first if you want to have the option to revise.

Please indicate your recommendation is complete by selecting “Mark as Completed” for each student listed in your Requests tab when you have loaded both the form and your letter.

Please contact Zoe if you have any questions or concerns about uploading your recommendations. Thank you so much for going the extra bit for the kids!

Here’s a general screen-shot by screen-shop set of directions for visual learners! Faculty Naviance Instructions