Search Engines
One of my favourite Canadian Search databases; available in English, French and Spanish
One of the leading searchable databases on Canadian Universities, colleges and high schools. 
The other major searchable database on Canadian universities and programs of studies.
logo Yet another searchable database for Canadian University programs. 
Offers a database of Engineering and business programs in Canada
General information
A useful site for articles and discussion boards on Canadian University life.
The Canadian Education Centre has several offices around the world and host college fairs every year. Lots of good articles for students and parents.
Canada’s answer to the US and News report annual ranking of University in Canada. Always be a bit suspicious of rankings.
SmartChic’s Place An interesting site for not only chicas, but chicos as well. Articles on student life, majors, financial aid etc.
Scholarships/Financial Aid
A searchable database of scholarships to Canadian Universities.
Information on Canadian Student Loans program. This is for Canadian citizens [ HRDC logo DRHC ]
On Line application centres
Online application centre to universities in British Columbia.
On line application centre for universities in Ontario.


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