You are going to research THREE universities. The aim of this session is to get you to see what colleges have to offer and to introduce you to an awesome range of tools. You are going to conduct this search through your True Colours findings. TWO of your universities MUST come from your colour, the other can be radically different. Clicking on your colour will take you to lists of Universities around the world which might suit your particular learning styles and preferences.

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You must select at two from your dominate colour. College size can have a profound effect on the student experience on the student experience, so you will research one large and one small college. In total you will be researching three colleges in depth. In this initial phase, your three colleges must come from this list. Although most of the colleges come from the USA, each colour has at least one from Canada, the UK, Australia and somewhere else in the world (Holland Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore etc). These colleges were selected by your counselors because they meet at least two of the following characteristics:
They embody the colour personality
They have a strong track record with international students
Have a history with students from International Schools in China.

UNIQUEST @ NIS 2017 Full Instructions

Useful Research Tools

What are you looking for in the university? What criteria will help you decide which schools you will love? What considerations will shape your choices? Will you simply make your list based on the list published by U.S. News & World Report? Or will you take a more sophisticated look at yourself and your needs and goals and see how each university holds up to your standards? We have culled the internet to seek out some of the best tools we could find to help you learn more about yourself and hopefully match those aspects with a college. To be honest, most college search tools are not useful.  They presume you already know what you want, so we picked a few to help you figure out what it is you really might want in a school.

U.S. College profile www.unigo.com
U.S./Canada Majors http://www.collegeboard.com/csearch/majors_careers/profiles/

College Board’s straightforward guide to majors. 

UK Majors http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/list/educationsubject

A look at various UK majors. 

UK University profile http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/list/educationinstitution 

University profiles, done news style. Scroll through the Guardian’s information to learn more about a particular university. Usually one of the articles is written by a current student. 

Canadian University profile http://www.globecampus.ca/navigator/search/?terms=&x=77&y=13

University profiles with student input and report-card styling



Although designed for students seeking an education in the UK, this can be useful to anyone and everyone, but students applying to the UK or Australia must do it. 



A very nice, simple tool that gives you your Holland Interest types and links those to majors you should consider.

Finally, this link will take you to the complete list of colleges and universities. On the right, you will find further links to college search tools.

You need to record your research finding in a Numbers spreadsheet, one sheet for each college.

You also need to respond to these questions: Download and complete as you finish your research:

Uniquest survey questions