Blues will thrive in colleges that emphasize close student to student contact not to mention accessible professors. You can count on finding this in small liberal art colleges, but also look for college within colleges like honors programs at large state school school. This list is only a starting point.


BLUE (12% of general population, 32% of teachers)


“I’m a unique person always searching to understand my values and the values of others. I like to know what people wish for, what people say, and how people respond. I like to see the potential in all of us. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I am compassionate. I am always encouraging and supporting. I want to create harmony with everyone and feel there is a special meaning to life, a spiritual-ness. I am a peacemaker, and sensitive to the needs of others. It’s important for me to be genuine and honest. I see so much of me in other people. I like to imagine the future, to have an ideal world, relationship, and love. I am a natural romantic.

I like to do things that require caring, counseling, nurturing, and harmonizing. I have a strong desire to contribute and to help others lead more significant lives. I am poetic and often enjoy the arts. I value integrity and unity in relationships. I am enthusiastic, idealistic, communicative, and sympathetic. I express my feelings easily. At school I like my teachers, especially the ones that are personable. My favorite subjects are about people, language, drama, literature, and psychology.”

“I am a heart felt communicator who has a strong need to make a difference in the lives of other people. This strength is immediately noticeable in the way I make connections and bring out the best in those I encounter. People usually feel relaxed and comfortable in my presence.”

“I love to build self-esteem and make others feel good about who they are. I can easily motivate and inspire people to make changes in their lives and reach their potential. This natural talent makes me excel a counselor, teacher, social worker and journalist.”