Golds come from a conventional place–they will thrive in colleges offering traditional  approaches. Colleges that have a strong sense of identity top the list for you–a place you can belong. Since  most colleges offer a traditional collegiate experience, take a look at your secondary colour.  This list is only a starting point.

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GOLD (43% of general population, 56% of teachers)

Career Preferences of Gold people: Librarian

“I’m a person who needs the freedom to be responsible, to organize and structure my life as I see fit. I know that if I want something done and done right, I’d better do it myself. I have a strong sense of right and wrong and always carry my fair share of the load. I like to belong to grou0ps and respect rules because they make sure everything works smoothly. I try to think problems through before making a decision. By looking at all different sides, I can choose the most sensible solution. I do things that require organization, dependability, management, and detail. I need to be useful and to belong. I am the sensible, stable backbone of any group. I believe that work comes before play.

I particularly like teachers who have routine and organized ways of conducting their classes. I appreciate their staying on one topic at a time. My favorite subjects are ones that are useful and traditional, like business, accounting, history and government.

I am conventional. I am the pillar of strength and have high respect for authority. I like to establish and maintain policies, procedures, and schedules. I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I am naturally parental and dutiful. I value home, family, status, security, and tradition. I am caring, concerned, and loyal. I show concern through the practical things I do.”

“I am a reliable organizer who can be counted on to implement other people’s ideas and get the job done. I am extremely organized, detail oriented, and self-disciplined. I am the maintainer of society who are best at following through and implementing what others create. I make sure that every ‘T’ is crossed and every ‘I’ is dotted. I am self-motivated and usually prefer to be behind the scenes keeping things running smoothly.”

“I love to serve others by helping them take responsibility and be accountable for their actions. For this reason I am attracted to roles such as manager, elementary school teacher, and police officer.”