Greens love ideas–and college is all about ideas. But some places are little more about the intelligensia–these are places that people love to explore deeply into the life of the mind.

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GREEN (12% of general population, 8% of teachers)


“I am a person who always has a lot of new ideas and likes to think about different ways of improving things or solving problems. I love to know all sorts of things. I want to understand, explain, predict and control like a scientist. I always seem to be building, creating and inventing.

I learn best when I work independently. I like to pursue my ideas until my desire for understanding is satisfied. I become bored easily if the subject doesn’t interest me. Sometimes, it is hard to set my priorities because I am interested in so many things.”

“I am an exceptionally creative problem solver who brings my ability to think outside the box to the workplace. I am a conceptual, analytical, and logical thinker. To me knowledge is power and my insatiable thirst for understanding and information is what drives me. I am an incredible problem solver but once the goal is accomplished I lose interest and need to move on. The challenge is in the ideas and not the details or implementation of my creations. I leave those things to another type that enjoys doing these things.”

“I am an independent worker who detests routine and prefers to work alone on projects and I often gravitate toward leadership roles. I could be a good computer programmer, scientist or researcher. I usually find entrepreneur and independent contract work appealing.”