Orange look for the adventure college promises. They want to do everything…and anything, if given half a chance. They tend to be creative, non-conventional types who will thrive when given choice and flexibility. Some colleges are truly free spirited whereas others are populated by free spirits. The list represents a start and be sure to check out ones that place to your secondary colors.

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ORANGE (33% of general population, 4% of teachers)

“I want to be free to act on a moment’s notice, spontaneously! I like fun, variety, and excitement. I need stimulation, freedom, and excitement. I’m usually playful and lighthearted, with lots of stamina. I guess I’m a born adventurer, competitor, testing my limits. When I can’t act immediately, I get really frustrated and impatient. I like to do things that require variety, results, and participation.

I like to learn by doing, having the freedom of action. I need classes to be “hands on,” play games, competing, performing. I enjoy classes that have contests, changes of pace, and variety. My favorite subjects are music, art, and crafts, and I often excel at sports. I am a super problem-solver and I enjoy negotiating for what I want. In some ways, I am very direct and go for immediate results. I value action, resourcefulness, and courage. I am generous, charming, and impulsive.”

“I am a persuasive motivator who knows how to get people moving and excited about projects. Routine desk work is very boring to you. I need to be active and have a variety of tasks to keep me interested. As a spontaneous Orange personality I am very action oriented. I prefer to figure things out by doing rather than practicing. I am a hands-on learner who does things quickly but get bored when they become routine. Change and variety are essential in my work. I work best in environments that are not too highly structured, leaving some room for creativity.”

“I am gifted with the ability to be very persuasive. I am a good talker who can easily convince others to get moving and take action. I can be very successful in careers such as a motivational speaker, actor, and coach.”