MYP/DP Friday Assembly this Week!

You are an MYP/DP student on¬†8:01am Friday morning… Where will you be?

A. Sitting in the theatre enjoying the start to an amazing assembly with your bag in your locker.

B. Powerwalking to your locker to put your bag away because you forgot that you can’t bring it to assembly.

C. ¬†Listening to the doors creak open as you make the awkward “walk of shame” to your seat.

D. Getting read the riot act by Dr. Saavedra just outside the theatre door for being late and then making the “walk of shame” while getting dirty looks from the audience.

E. Getting read the riot act by Mrs. Tyochin just outside the theatre for arriving late with your backpack, going back to your locker, then making the awkward “walk of shame” while receiving dirty looks from Mr. Cofer on stage.

There is only one correct answer… See you then. 8am, in your seat, no bags! Thanks!

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