Bake Sale – Grade 10 Mandarin Class

Come to the foyer this Friday break and lunch. We will be selling brownies and nutella rolls for 5 kuai each! All donations go to the Amy Yang foundation. See you there!

– Ebba, Ilaria & Anabel

Come to the foyer this Friday at break an lunch. We will be selling chocolate cupcakes for 10¥ and will be hosting a cake raffle so come down to get a chance to win an entire carrot cake. Raffle tickets will be 5¥. All proceeds will be donated to the Amy Yang Foundation. Hope to see you there!

– Sophia, Freja, Raphael, Ryan

This Friday, in the foyer, come visit Sweet Street for some wonderful treats. We will be selling pink lemonade for 5¥, lemon bars for 10¥, cookies for 10¥ and cake pops for 5¥. We can’t wait for you all to come and enjoy our delicious sweets. All of the procedes will go to Ray of Light Cambodia so don’t wait to come down and support us!

– Lauren, Megan, Sanjana

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