Technology Challenge Staffing

Please check the table below for staffing for tomorrow technology challenge.

Tomorrow block 5 (day 1) will be the first MYP tech challenge for the year. Below is a list of teachers and responsibilities for the afternoon.   

Advisors – please inform all G6-10 students that they need to line up outside the reception entrance in Grade lines by 1.50pm (end of lunch bell).

Green highlight – If your name is highlighted in green in the table below please be ready to meet the students at 1.50pm outside reception and organise them in grade level lines.  Once ready bring them to the design centre to the designated location on the table below.

Yellow highlight – If your name is highlighted in yellow in the table below can you please meet in the design centre at 1.45pm and I will answer any questions about the task you are running.  As activity leader can you please ensure that student break up into 5 separate groups per house as they will miss out on points if they have less.

Other staff – please be ready to assist activity leader I the design centre at 1.50pm.


Thanks for your support

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