YOUR SOCIAL COMMITTEE would like to draw your attention to the sign-up sheets in the faculty Lounge!

Regarding the Gift Exchange Activity…… Here’s how it works!

You bring a wrapped gift worth between 50 and 100RMB. You may write a clue on your gift if you like…

Place your gift by the tree any time on Friday AND write your name on a slip and put it in the box beside the tree.  We will start at 4:15!

We draw one name from the box. (person ONE)

Person ONE selects a gift from the tree and opens it in front of everyone.

We draw the next name out of the box. (person TWO)

Person TWO can “steal” person ONE’s opened gift and person ONE has to select again from the tree… OR person TWO can select a gift from the tree and open it.

We draw person THREE’s name. Person THREE can “steal”  person ONE’s gift or person TWO’s gift and that person chooses again from the tree…. OR person THREE can choose a gift from under the tree.

If someone takes your gift, you can’t take someone else’s, you always need to choose from the tree! A gift may be “stolen” multiple times……

And so on until all names are called and then person ONE gets the last go – person ONE can take a gift from ANYONE – if they choose to!  That person chooses from under the tree and the game is over!



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