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Grade 6 Performance


Many thanks for the huge support for this week’s grade 6 performance. The students are incredibly excited. I’ve gone through my many emails and have tried to compile them the best that I can. If I’ve forgotten a class, then please do let me know.

Here is our schedule:

March 1st:

09:15 – 09:25 – students come to music, get their instruments, and maybe run through song once

09:25 – 09:30 – walk down to PreK / EY wing

09:30 – 09:35 – PreK

09:35 – 09:40 – K1B

09:40 – 09:45 – K1A

09:45 – 09:50 – K2 Laurel

09:50 – 09:55 – K2 Suzi

(or, all of the K2s together… whatever you’d like)

09:55 – 10:00 – Gr1 Dean

March 2nd:

13:55 – 14:05 – students come to music, get their instruments, and maybe run through song once

14:05 – 14:10 – walk down to PYP LGR

14:10 – 14:30 – perform for combined grade 3 classes and then answer questions about how the creative cycle seems to work so far, and what decisions they made about their piece. (Arts UOI)

14:30 – 14:35 – Grace Kang Gr2

14:40 – 14:45 – Kylie Pretty Gr2 (?)

14:45 – 14:50 – Taiga Gr5

Please be flexible with the times, because we’ve never done a moving concert before, and so we don’t know how long it’ll take to keep moving classes. If any classes are happy to combine, then that’d help our schedule as well. (Just so we don’t leave classes out by accident.)

Thanks; see you tomorrow! Amy

Ready for another joke??

Q: If H20 is water, what is H204?

By the way, Homework Club is today from 3:15-4:15 in the LSS area. All students (grades 6-12) AND teachers are invited to come! You can study, work on projects, work on homework, or get organized!

Check it out!

Here is the answer:

A: Drinking, bathing, washing, swimming. . .


Library trolley- please come back…

Our library trolley has been missing for a week, if you borrowed him or see him playing somewhere (he has library label on the body)  please send him home, we miss him so much. And if anyone wants to use him in the future please do let us know who you are and when you gonna return. Thanks a lot……

Quiet Library- G12 Mock Exams

Just a reminder that the library will be reserved for quiet study during the Grade 12 Mock Exams (Feb. 28 until March 8). Only students wishing to read or work silently will be allowed in the library.

All other students please use the upstairs of the cafeteria during break and lunch.

Thanks for your support of our Seniors-

The Library Staff

Helpers for Korean Stall: PTA International Day March 18th (12.00-16.00)

The Korean parents stall would like 8 MYP/DP helpers to help with International Day from 12.00-16.00. You will be required to do the following.

Help with :
1. Booth decoration
2. Helping with the games during the event
3. Translation: Explaining some cultural things to visitors
4. Cleanning up by the end of the event

The would suit students who have Korean Language skills and an understanding of Korean Culture. Please sign up on Veracross.

Service Opportunity for G6-11 Students

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, then this may be a Service Opportunity that you could do.

Do you have some knowledge of Chinese and would like to improve it?

Is Chinese your first language and you would like the opportunity help others understand China more?

Do you want to understand China more and help others understand it more?

Attached are two examples I have done and put in the school bulletin. Other examples are on the Activities Noticeboard. If you would like to do something like / similar to this as a Service activity please let me know.Street Art Dogs Wk 19-25mdeut    Street Art Bulletin Nov 2016-1qci5un

Space Hopping

Dear Grade 11 and 12 Students,

This week I am prototyping Space Hopping with Grade 11 and 12 students. This is an idea to provide supported independent study in the Library during time you would usually be studying in the lounge and, for Grade 12 students between mock exams.  This means that you can work independently in the Library with a member of staff available to support you. The aim is to help you be more productive and focused during school study time. Interested? The prototype will be happening at these times this week:

Monday 10.40am  Tuesday 11.45am  Thursday 8.10am

You can only attend if you would usually be in the lounge or taking an online course at this time. I will meet anyone interested in the lounge at the start of the block.

Naming Contest

We only have a few entries so far and would like some more. We have been preparing a new section of the NIS website that will feature a photo gallery and YouTube-style video gallery of events and activities that are NIS-related. However, we are in desperate need of a creative and “cool” sounding name for this part of the site that is better than “Lion-tube” or “NIS-Media” to use as a title and link for this section. Please submit your ideas to the form below and make sure to enter your name and class so that we can recognize your contribution. We will post finalists on the Daily Bulletin in March.

Please select a valid form


A Monday morning joke for you….

Why did the teacher write the assignment details on the window?

She wanted the homework to be very clear!

Speaking of homework:

Homework Club will be held this Monday and Wednesday from 3:15-4:15 in the LSS area. It is open to ALL grade 6-12 students. Multiple teachers will be there to help with anything that needs to get done. Come check it out!

Veracross Parents/Students Portal View

For Veracross, you might want to see:

  1. How parents and students view their assignments
  2. How parents/students view your feedback and their Grades
  3. How students submit their homework files
  4. How parents/students sign up for activities
  5. How parents/students portal looks like
  6. And etc…

Here is demo portal for you to browse all the things you want to know. Please try it and let us know if you want a walk through.

Click this link: Demo Portal Landing

To view parents portal: 

USN: vc.client.faculty_1
PSW: Veracross2016

To view students portal: 

USN: vc.client.student_1
PSW: Veracross2016

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