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Professional Development Opportunities

Dear All, I am now posting Professional Development Opportunities using the new tab at the top of this page.  Here you can find some of the different workshops and courses that are often sent to me for staff to consider. Feel free to browse these offerings, post things that you are aware of that others may be interested in and find out more using the links attached. If you decide to apply please use the PD application form to the PD Committee in the usual way.

Thanks to Joe for setting this up! Much appreciated.


TEDxYouth@NIS is just around the corner!

Join us at the Performing Arts Center this Saturday (Feb 18th) at 5pm.
Tickets every morning in the Center Foyer and with Mr Mello in room D204.

Grades 9 and up welcome!

Come see Tricycle on a ‘I didn’t know you could play it like that’ performance and Chase Steward on “The Power of Positivity” — watch this space for more speakers tomorrow.

You can also register here to reserve your ticket.

Sign up for the Talent Show audition on February 16

Dear MYP/DP students, parents and teachers,

The last audition will be on Thursday, February 16 at lunch time in the Music Room.
Please tell us the name of your performance and which type of performance you will be doing : Music Recital, Dancing, Drama, etc.

Please email Willy Wang or Angela Lu ASAP.

Thank you.

the Talent Show Committee @ the Student Council

Senior House Basketball: Thursday Lunchtime

House Leaders, please select your teams!

• 2 Competitions Gr 9 – 12 Boys and Girls
• Teams – maximum of 5 on court at any time. No maximum squad size
• Round Robin format, each team playing the other 2 houses. Captains can toss a coin to see who plays first.
• Each game 9 mins running clock. Score for each game is recorded.
• 2 Points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss.
• Overall Placings for House Points is based on total points won across all boys and girls competition in same age category. (30, 20, 15)
• points calculation based on total points won.
• If this is the same for 2 teams, the head to head game will decide the winner. If this was a tie, points difference will decide, then points for, then points against. If still equal, it will be declared a tie.
• If it is a 3 way tie, the points difference will decide the placings, then points for, then points against. If all or any of these are equal, the competition shall be declared a 3 way tie.

Grade 6-8 ISTA Festival

…3 days of theatre games, workshops and performances, a chance to meet new people and develop skills in Drama…
If you’re still interested in the ISTA Middle School Theatre Festival in April (for grade 6-8 students) please collect a form from Ms Philip or Mr Brown.

G6 Life 101 Room Change

Dear Grade 6 Students,

We are finally able to return to our original location in D340!

See you there for your next Grade 6 Life 101 session.

Ms. Bezzerides

Grade 4 Creative New Undertakings Share-Out

Have you heard a lot of chatter about Creative New Undertakings in Grade 4 this year? Have you wondered what this is all about? Do you want to know more? On Friday, February 17th the Grade 4 students are going to present their progress and thinking about their Creative New Undertakings project to the entire school community. Please join us in the foyer in front of the library from 9:20-10:40 to discover more about exciting student-driven inquiry projects. You will see authors, designers, bakers, woodworkers, filmmakers, cartoonists, builders, interior designers, inventors, problem solvers, and thinkers. We hope you all can make it to this special event.

ACAMIS Conference – March 10&11

Good morning,

The ACAMIS Conference is now less than a month away!  We are looking for a couple of teachers who would like to help out on one or both days.  These teachers, of course, would be welcome to attend sessions.

Please send me your expression of interest by the end of the day today.

Thank you,

Individual mugshots for yearbook-Wed., Feb. 15, 8:00 A.M.

The photographer will be taking individual photos (mugshots) for those students and staff members who missed the September photo day. Please check the list of names for students needing photos.  (Students: If your name is not on the list and you know that you did not have a photo taken in September, you need to get one taken, as well.)                                                     These students need to have mugshots taken-17qa9oo

What to do if…

Hello NIS Students.

Q: What do you do if a teacher kindly reminds you to put away your phone, ear buds, iPad, laptop, and/or Apple watch in the hallway?

A: Do it with a smile and say thanks.

Q: Why?

A: You’re welcome.

Q: What if Mr. Bratton is walking down the hallway with his iPhone, ear buds, iPad, laptop, and/or Apple watch?

A. Kindly remind him to put them away.

Q: Why?

A: He needs your help to destress his brain, create balance in his life, and help model quality interpersonal interactions.

Q. Why?

A. Click here!


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