Inter House Badminton – G6-8, G9-12 – Next Week

Ladies and Gentlemen,

🏸🏸🏸Interhouse Badminton is coming next week!🏸🏸🏸

House captains: get your teams together. Secret Badminton superstars: speak to your house captains.

2 competitions: Gr 6 – 8 and Gr 9 – 12

     •       Grade 6 – 8   Teams of 6: 3 girls and 3 boys

     •       Grade 9 – 12 Teams of 8: 4 boys and 4 girls

Pencil it in your schedules📝! Add it to your calendar📅! Set a reminder on your phone📲!

Come along and cheer your team to victory! Show some house spirit by wearing your house shirt💚❤️💙.

See you, Wednesday* first lunch, in the gym

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