ISA Tests today

Dear Students in Grades 7,8,9 and 10…

A reminder that today you will be taking the International Schools Assessment (ISA) Writing Tests online. This is where you need to be and when:

Grade 10: Block 1 and 2

10A – Ms Keus M252, 10B – Mr Orteza  D343, 10C – Mr Newman D203

Grade 9: Blocks 3 and 4

9A: Mr Joyce Design Centre,  9B: Ms Ryan D347,  9C:Mr Marsh Design Centre

Grade 8: Block 5 (and Block 1 on Thursday 23rd)

8A – Mr Messom D240, 8B – Mr Orteza D343

Grade 7: Block 5 (and Block 2 on Thursday 23rd)

7A – Ms Snyder D215, 7B – Ms O’Brien D210,  7C – Mr Snyder D212

You will need fully charged computers as the test is ONLINE



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