PYP Exhibition “NOT FAIR!”

Dear Teachers, Parents and Friends,

Grade 5 have chosen “Fairness” as the overall theme for their 2017 Exhibition.

To spark their interest, we are looking for any adult who may like to come into class to talk to the students about their own experience of fairness through their work here in China or a personal experience or interest in any organizations that overcomes fairness that would be relevant to their overall understanding of this theme.

An example here in Nanjing would be a trailing spouse who had to give up friends, a job and social life to follow the working spouse and then found an alternative fulfilment here in China through charity work.

Some “unfairness ideas” already suggested by the students are world food/water supplies, animal rights, racism, and various types of discrimination.

Please e-mail any of the grade 5 teachers if you would be willing to help.


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